Summer Friendly Indoor Herb Gardening Tips

Herbs are plants that have some special medicinal properties so having such plants in even a corner of your house will have a lot of health benefits. In India, every hindu household has “basil” in their house as they believe it to be sacred, sacred because of its unmatchable medicinal components. Having an indoor herb garden is said to kill many insects and germs and thus provide a clean and safe home.Here are some herb gardening tips for indoor area.

Summer friendly indoor herb gardening tips are:

1.Mint: The evergreen plant is a best remedy for digestion related problems and bad breath. Mint leaves, used widely in all the cuisines, are perennial annual plants. Mint thrives well in moist soil and always requires good sunlight. The most fast growing herb spreads all over the place with little care.

2.Curry Tree: Best herb for a Japanese Ikebana as it can be grown like dwarf trees at home. Curry tree, in India, is called black neem for its special properties and can be grown in bigger pots. The plant thrive well in spring summer and can be used in salads and curries. Curry leaves are rich in Iron and antioxidants.

3.Dill: The slender indoor plant looks like ferns and has an addictive aromatic odor. The plant grows up to 40-60 cm long (grow by seeds) and have very delicate leaves. The leaves can be directly plucked and used in tasty drinks, soups and salads. If the flowers are drawing too many insects, chop them off and store the flowers for seasoning your recipes.

4.Coriander: This tender leafy plant blooms with small irregular white and pale pink flowers. The coriander seeds are widely used in Asian, particularly in the Indian food. The plant blooms through seeds and do not require frequent watering. The plant is sensitive to transplanting. Coriander is a good antioxidant and also an anti bacterial. Best season for germination would be “May”. Grows well if placed in windows and corners facing south as it longs for sunlight.

5.Oregano: This annual perennial grows upto 20-80 cm tall and is also well suited for summer season. Oregano is a good antiseptic and keeps many kinds of bugs away. Even today it is one of the common ingredient in the turkish cuisine. The plant doesn’t require much care apart from watering everyday.

6.Betel: This evergreen perennial is a creeper which is very famous in Asian countries. The leaves are heart shaped and are often had with areca nut, serve best remedy for bad breath. Betel is also a good aphrodisiac. The plant is well suited for corners as the creepers can be directed to grow on the desirable area by tying a twine. Care has to be taken while watering as over doing would spoil the plant. Keep a check on the soil moisture.

7.Basil: This tender fast growng herb is one of the top ingredients in Italian and Taiwan recipes. The plant can either germinate through seeds or through sapplings. The “King Of Herbs” is best grown in summer and grows up to 30–130 cm tall. Basil likes sunlight so for your indoor herb garden find a place which gets atleast 4 hours of sunlight everyday.

These are the summer friendly herb gardening tips.

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