Steps To Clean Your Feet Easily

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. Throughout the day, you have to stand on your feet and run with your feet.They carry your whole body weight and face the most crucial challenges throughout the day.When you wear a stiletto, you just concentrate on your looks. Maybe your feet are not made for that type of footwear. Eventually, it will hurt, and you will end up having blisters and many more problems.

Blisters, cuts, irritation, smelly feet, etc, are some of the common problems that your feet face.For example, you can use lemon to scrub and honey to moisturise your feet. In winter, glycerin can be a great companion for your feet. Here are some steps to clean your feet easily.

Steps to clean your feet easily are:

1.Keep Your Feet Clean: This is for regular foot care. Soak your feet into soap water and lather them with soap. Scrub with a loofah. This process not only cleanses your feet but also relaxes the nerves and makes your feet germ free.

2.Keep Your Feet Dry: Many of you, especially children have this bad habit. They don’t rub the water from the feet whenever they go to the bathroom. Always, pat dry your feet, so that they don’t catch any fungal infections.

3.Follow Proper Clothing: Any synthetic material won’t soak sweat and will make your feet smelly. That’s quite embarrassing, right? So, always use cotton or woolen materials that soak the sweat and allow your feet to breathe. Never use damp socks.

4.Concentrate On Your Shoes: One of the best ways to clean your feet is to get a right pair of shoes. While buying footwear, comfort should be your priority. If your feet smell, always spray deodorant or aromatic powder before wearing your shoes. Also, keep your shoes in the sun, so that it becomes bacteria free.

5.Use Pumice Stone: Deposition of dirt and dead skin cells can make your skin hard and rough. Slowly your feet will crack and if you don’t treat it early, your feet may also bleed. Soak your feet in a salt water solution and rub them with a pumice stone. Concentrate on the areas like heels and toes.

6.Trim Your Nails: While thinking of 10 steps to clean your feet, follow this one on a regular basis. If you don’t trim your fingernails, dirt can be deposited on the corners and make your toes swollen with pain. Take a nail clipper and nail file and shape your nails as you like regularly.

7.Take Care Of Cuticles: Take a cuticle massager and massage your nails. Soak for five minutes into a warm water solution. Take them out from water and pat dry. Now, push the cuticles back gently with cotton buds.

8.Moisturise Your Feet: This tip is not just for the winter. You need to moisturise your feet throughout the year. You can use honey and rose water mixture for this to apply it on to your feet. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash it off. Your feet will get a natural glow instantly.

9.Protect Your Wounds: Take a clean bandage and wrap your feet wisely with it. Never forget to change the bandage twice in a day. Thus, the infection will not spread to the other areas.

10.Take Rest: There is no other easy way among the 10 steps to clean your feet. Continuously standing on feet may make them numb, and you may face swollen feet, pain at the heels and even a back pain. So, whenever you get time, sit and keep your feet upwards. Relax a bit.

These are the steps to clean your feet.

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