Staircase Decoration With Lighting Ideas To Know


Staircase can be very dangerous if there is no proper lighting provisions. To set up a guide for ease usage of staircase, you can use different lighting designs and colours to decorate your staircase and make it bright.Here are some lighting ideas to decorate staircase.

Lighting ideas to decorate staircase decoration are:

1.Gone are the days when only ceiling fittings where used to hang light bulbs on the stairs. Different decor ideas have come up which provide fashionable and stylish lighting patterns for the stairs.

2.Down lights are great for lighting the stairs. The fixtures are not visible and looks great too. You can easily find colour which matches with the theme of your interior.

3.Led lights are stylish and preferred idea to decorate the stairs with lights. Led lights are attractive and several colours can be used to change the decoration of the staircase. Glass is the ideal led light design for the staircase. Led lights add charm in the dark.

4.Spot lights are also great to decorate the stairs with lights. The fixture is hidden and the lights are bright. Spot lights look elegant and can also be used to highlight stair decoration such as photo frames, paintings or wall paint.

5.Staircase lights especially spot lights can be set up in the wall or in the middle of the falling stair. The later one has more clear visibility.

6.Traditional lamps add an ethnic look to the staircase lighting. You can use paper lamps with traditional designs to decorate the staircase.

7.Ceramic w3all light are classic. You can set ceramic lights for the stairs if you don’t want too much light of different colours on the staircase.

These are staircase decoration ideas with lights.

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