Skincare Rules That Every Girl Must Know

After all, the kind of skin habits you follow in your twenties would save you from splurging on too many skincare products later on in your life.It is said that your skin is at it’s best in your twenties which makes it fairly easier to take care of. If you take care of your skin in your twenties, you can even delay signs of ageing.Here are some skincare rules that every girl must know.

Skincare rules that every girl must know are:

1.Cleanse Religiously: You must have a cleansing routine ready by now. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice every day, once in the morning and once at night before bed. Washing your face before bed is really important as it helps get rid of all the oils and dirt that have collected on your face during the day.

2.Remove Makeup: Once you get back home, make sure you get rid of ALL signs of makeup from your face. This helps your skin breathe at night and also prevents the makeup from clogging your pores.

3.Exfoliating: Exfoliating is a must. It helps get rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin look and feel it’s glowing and is smooth at its best.

4.Eye Cream: The under eye area is extremely sensitive and requires extra attention from you. Make sure you use an eye cream to moisturise the area and prevent wrinkles or crow’s feet from appearing too soon.

5.Lip Balm: Who doesn’t like soft and smooth lips? Use a lip balm with SPF at all times. It even helps your lipstick glide on a lot smoother.

6.Sun Protection: Using a sunscreen helps prevent your skin from getting tanned, by protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun. Using a sunscreen can even help slow down signs of ageing.

These are the skincare rules that every girl must know.

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