Simple Eye Makeup Tips To Know


Eye makeup defines your eyes and adds more to your beautiful features. It is well known that most women would prefer to wear light and simple eye makeup.When one wear simple eye makeup, it keeps you looking natural and stylish.Too much makeup is a turn off for men as it seems quite messy and out of control. Simple eye makeup tips which will help you with the latest trends making you stand out in the crowd.Here are some tips for simple eye makeup.

Simple eye makeup tips are:

1.To Make Eyes Big: To make your eyes look bigger, using light colour eye shadow. To make them look deep and natural, go in for dark colour eye shadow like golden and white.

2.Eye liner: Use the eyeliner in a proper way of drawing the line close to the lashes. Smudge the line and use a matching eyeshadow to soften the look of the eyes. Using pencil eyeliner will give your eyes a soft definition look.

3.Thick Eye lashes: To make your eye lashes to look thick all you have to do is close your eye gently and dust a little powder on it before you apply the mascara.

4.Curly Lashes: To get curly eye lashes, use a curl brush. Curl your eye lashes before you apply mascara to the eyes.

5.Eye shadow: When you are choosing the colour of your eye shadow, make sure that you do not use the same colour as that of your eyes, it will take away the beauty of the eye colour and thus decrease the eye definition.

These are the simple eye makeup tips to know.

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