Signs When Its Time To Say Goodbye in A Relationship

Not Spending Time With Each Other Earlier, you used to spend your weekends with your partner. You guys had a great time catching up movies, enjoying at the disco or dining together. However, now he likes to spend time with his friends or female colleagues more than with you.

Incessant Fights Every relationship has its ups and downs. All couples have fights and arguments on certain things. A loving relationship includes everything from jealousy to caring to silly fights. But, if you guys are fighting everywhere on petty issues, it might be an alarming sign that you should not ignore.

Complaining If you partner has the habit to complain about you everywhere, be it at night parties or even at his workplace, you should surely do something about it.

All the Effort is put only by “YOU” In any relationship, a strong foundation can be built only if both the partners are willing to put their effort. If it is only you who is putting all the effort to keep the relationship going, you are definitely going to feel resentful at some point in your life, it may be sooner or later.

Lack Of Trust If your partner is constantly keeping tabs on your e-mails, phone calls, messages and social media posts, it means there is no trust in your relationship.

Lack Of Appreciation He used to appreciate you earlier, whether it was about you wearing a pretty attire, your cooking skills, your new venture or a promotion in your career. He used to be so appreciative earlier, his words used to be an encouragement for you.

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