Signs That You Really Hate Your Job


People also work for passion and commitment. For example, investigative journalists are committed to the cause of uncovering the truth and putting an end to corruption. However, some people really hate their jobs due to some particular reasons. You may be stuck with a very strict boss or have too much work pressure. The reasons for considering your job the worst are numerous.Here are some signs that you really hate your job.

Signs that you really hate your job are:

1.Office Gives You The Blues: If you feel a terrible sense of waste or dreariness as soon as you enter your office, then it means that your work environment is not healthy. May be it is something to do with the lighting of your office or the people who work there that just totally puts you off. Either ways, the fact remains that you hate being at office.

2.You Feel Like Crying While Working: Have you ever felt stressed and unhappy to such an extent that you feel like crying for no reason? Well if you feel sobs under your breath while working and you really don’t know why, then its time quit your job; unless you are hormonal of course.

3.You Dread Mondays: We all dread Monday to a certain extent. Everyone whines on Sunday night and then feel depressed for a few hours on Monday mornings. But then life gets back on track. But if you are upset throughout the day and cannot wait to get through the week, you need to look for a new job.

4.You Feel Wronged Or Utilised: Human beings have an innate sense of justice within them. You may not be the most scrupulous person, but you would definitely not like to be wronged. If you think that your organisation is utilizing you, you will hate your job. It can happen if your colleague gets a better increment than you or you feel your boss humiliates you in front of others.

5.You Jump At The Worst Job Opportunities: Every time the phone rings and it is a job offer you are all ears. Even if someone asked to be a housemaid, you would probably give it a thought. If that is your state of mind, you are truly doing the worst job for yourself.

These signs indicate that you hate your job to the core. The only combat to this problem is to find a suitable job for yourself and quit this one.

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