Signs That You Are Doing Housework Lazily


Our beds were done without a wrinkle and clothes stacked neatly in the cupboards because our mums did housework efficiently. However, we are a generation of working women who do housework in rather unflattering ways.The worst part is that we feel guilty that we do not do housework as well as we should and yet can do nothing about it. There might be many working women who are not bad housekeepers at all. But there is still a vast majority of young women who do housework very sloppily.Here are some signs that you are doing housework lazily.

Signs that you are doing housework lazily are:

1.Overflowing Sink: If your kitchen sink is literally overflowing because of dirty dishes and utensils, means that you have put off washing the dishes for too long.You cannot do the dishes in the weekend the way you do your laundry. Wash your dishes as soon as you use them. You will certainly not feel like washing them later.

2.Washed Laundry In The Machine: This just means that you have taken the effort to wash the clothes in your washing machine. After all, you only have to dump the clothes for washing. But you have been too lazy to hang them on the clothes line for drying.Your clothes will get damp if you keep them in the machine for too long. Have a clothes line close to your washing machine so that you can find the motivation to dry them immediately.

3.Opening Your Wardrobe Can Cause A Landslide: Some people arrange their wardrobe only once in a couple of years. This momentous occasion comes when they shift into a new home! After that you allow your clothes to run their own coarse and settled down wherever they are comfortable.If you are a busy working woman then it is imperative that you arrange your wardrobe smartly. Or else you will be delayed every morning looking for your clothes.

4.our Sheets Are As Crumpled As A Tissue Paper: There is no harm if you sleep on crumpled sheets. But then, you are only ruining the chances of romance in bed.It takes about 60 seconds to straighten your sheets. You can add another 60 seconds to this if you want to prop up the pillows and fold back the blankets. Do it before you leave for office and you will feel better entering your bedroom in the evening.

These are the signs that you are doing housework lazily.

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