Signs That He Is Cheating On You


When we are in love everything seems just perfect. The little gestures make us realise how much our partners love us. But a little do we understand that if our partners are cheating we can understand this by the little clues and hints they share unknowingly with us.If you think that your partner’s is cheating on you then check out these tips and make sure your doubt is cleared. Leading a doubtful relationship only adds agony and trouble in the relationship. So it is better that you can lead a doubt clear life.Here are some signs that he is cheating on you.

Signs that he is cheating on you are:

1.Phone Is Always On Silent: May be he is trying to show that you are an important part of his life by keeping his phone on silent and away from your reach. But my friend this might be an silent alert that he is hiding something serious from you.

2.Changes Appearance: If your man has got a new haircut that doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you. Concern starts when he starts grooming himself and changes his wardrobe completely. This is one of the most common hint that he is cheating on you.

3.Accuses You Of Cheating: When they know you have male friends and they share a good rapport with you, they end up questioning you and accuse you of cheating on them. This is a way they try to be guilt free.

4.Less PDA: There was a time when they show extra PDA, but now when you question them they say they are tired or are in no mood, then it is a high alert for you that he might be cheating on you.

5.New Friends Pop-up: Suddenly you hear new names of friends whom you have never heard of. They might be hanging out with their special date instead. This is a very clear hint of them cheating on you.

6.Stops Saying “I Love You”: After a point you realise that he doesn’t bother complimenting you and even telling those special words as he is bored. He might be busy telling these words to his special date. This is another hint that he is cheating on you.

These are the signs that he is cheating on you.

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