Signs Of Learning Disabilities In Kids

If you have a toddler and if he/she has been having trouble with school work or you feel that he/she may not be grasping things at a normal rate, then you may be rather concerned.Although it is quite common for some children to develop certain learning skills slower than the average rate, it becomes a problem if there are significant difficulties or delays in learning most of the things that are considered to be otherwise normal for growing children.

Learning disability is a condition in which the affected children fail to receive and process information in a normal way. Learning disabilities can be caused by various reasons like heredity, health complications during pregnancy or childbirth, premature birth, alcohol and drug abuse by the mother during pregnancy, head injuries, etc.There are various types of learning disabilities that hamper different learning skills in kids. For example, some children may have difficulty in learning alphabets, while others may have difficulty in understanding a story. Some of the common types of learning disabilities are dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, etc. Children with learning disabilities often have psychological issues like social anxiety, low self-esteem, anger issues, etc, that stem from their inability to learn things the normal way.Here are some signs of learning disabilities in children.

Signs of learning disabilities in children are:

1.If a kid has difficulty in speaking or uttering a few easy words even after he/she has reached a certain age, it could be a sign of a learning disability.

2.If the toddler has extreme difficulty in reading even simple things, which other kids their age find effortless, it could also mean that he/she may have a learning disability.

3.Another sign to look out for is when a kid is having a hard time in concentrating and focussing on one thing, for more than 5 minutes. It could be a sure fire sign of ADHD.

4.If the child is facing difficulties in learning new words or phrases, even after a lot of practice and help, do get him/her tested for learning disabilities.

5.If the kid is having difficulty in writing short sentences and words or if he/she has difficulty in gripping pencils and crayons, it could also mean that he/she is prone to certain learning disabilities.

6.If the toddler has a hard time in following the given directions, for example, failing to respond or act when he/she is given a task at school, then it could be yet another sign of a learning disability.

7.If the child has trouble in telling the difference between two colours, different sounds, tastes, etc, it could be another crucial sign of a learning disability.

These are the signs of learning disability in children.

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