Side Table Lamp Shade Designs For Your Home


Lamp shades can add a different glow and charm to your room. They not only look elegant but spread dim light all around to soothe your eyes. Side tables in your living room or bedroom can be decorated with designed lamp shades to add style to your interior designs.Here are some side table lamp shade designs for your home.

Side table lamp shade designs for your home are:

1.Always keep the size and shape of your side table in mind. This helps pick up the desired lamp shade for the table decorations.

2.Buy lamp shade which goes well with the theme of the room. Lamp shades should compliment the wall paint and interiors.

3.Bell, coolie and chandelier lamp shade designs are common but looks classic also. However, if you want to try new variates and designs, go for oval, round etc shapes for a different look.

4.Glass lamp shades add a different colour to the living room decorations. Glass paintings on lamp shades can set the perfect mood.

5.Crystal lamp shades add elegance to the living room decorations. There are many designs in crystal lamp shades. You can even go for colourful shades for the perfect refractions on the wall.

6.It is a good idea to hang photo lamp shade near the side table. Living room looks more lively with such lamp shade design.

7.If you already have a lamp shade on your side table, decorate by hanging crystal stones or gems of matching colour. This adds a glow to your lamp shade and makes it look new.

8.Leather lamp shades are classic and looks great on the side tables. You can also hang the leather lamp shades with different coloured frames to add brightness to your living room decoration.

9.Jute lamp shades are traditional and can make the side table look more attractive. You can also decorate your lamp shade by sticking jute threads in a design. Lamps with paintings are ideal for jute design shades.

These are the lamp shade designs that suits for side table.

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