Shaping Eyebrows At Home

This article will tell you step-by-step methods to perfectly shape and trim your eyebrows right at home!!!

Knowing the Shape

The first step towards grooming your eyebrows at home should be to know what shape of the eyebrows suits your face the best.

Outline Sketch

Make an outline sketch of your desired shape using an eyebrow pencil. Make sure to match the shape of both the eyes. Make sure to match the shape of both the eyes.

Prepping work

Now that the stencil is ready, brush your eyebrows in upward strokes to figure out the roots of the hair to be removed.


It’s time to remove the excess hair and shape your brows. Go according to your stencil. Any hair outside of your outline should be plucked. Make sure to correctly remove the roots of the hair to be removed and not any hair inside the stencil. After finishing with both the eyebrows, compare and see whether both are identical or not.


Once you have finished with the tweezing, brush the brows again and check for any uneven lengths.


Finally, brush off the excess hair and do a final check in the mirror.

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