Schemes to tap diaspora investments in Kerala: Vijayan

Kerala Development Fund and Expatriates Chamber of Commerce (ECC) are some systems to be set in motion by the government to tap investments of NRKs and ensure their support towards progress of the state, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said.

Speaking at the concluding day of the two-day session of ‘Loka Kerala Sabha’, a new concept of the government,envisaging cooperation toward progress of the state, he said ECC would keep constant contact with diaspora businessman and facilitate their investments in the state.

Expatriates could invest a fixed amount in the Kerala Development Fund and the diaspora, on return to the state, would have the right to get a suitable job in one institution, he said.

Schemes would be put in place to attract NRKs investments to the state, he said, adding a single window system would be introduced.

NRKs participation would be ensured in development of the Kannur International Airport and the proposed Sabarimala airport, the Chief Minister said.

On the demand of expatriate businessman that frequent calls for hartals be avoided, Vijayan, a CPI(M) politburo member, said more discussions on the issue were needed.

Kerala was a state where even parties that hold protests against shutdown call for hartals, he said adding more discussions were needed on the issue of stopping hartals.


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