Saoirse Ronan misspelled Ed Sheeran’s ‘Galway Girl’ tattoo

Singer Ed Sheeran says actress Saoirse Ronan tricked him into getting a tattoo that misspelled his song, “Galway Girl”.

The 26-year-old musician says the “Brooklyn” star, who features in the titular role in the video, was supposed to tattoo the phrase for real but ended up misspelling it as “Galway Grill” to mess up with him, reported Spin magazine.

The tattoo was supposed to be “Welcome to the Galway Girl, my name is Brandon and I’ll be your server tonight.” “She really took the —- out of me with this one. I’m actually kind of proud of her. It’s the kind of thing that I would do,” Sheeran told a crowd at a Glasgow concert.

The song is a part of “Shape of You” singer’s latest album ‘Divide’.

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