Safety Tips For Traveling With Kids

Just because school started doesn’t mean that family travel stops. Even amidst school we still find ourselves often taking a weekend to go visit family.Not to mention the holidays coming up where many families will hit the road to visit family or go on vacation around the holidays.Which means it is extra crucial to be extra safe on the road. And when we travel with kids, it throws a whole new element into the works. Here are some safety tips for traveling with kids.

Safety tips for traveling with kids are:

1.Car Maintenance: Before you even begin, makes sure that your vehicle is in good repair. Read about our miraculous experience of why we have an obsession about road safety before a trip.Before each trip always check all fluids such as windshield washer fluid, oil, brake fluid, etc, are full and no leaks.Check tires for proper air pressure.Check tires for proper tread
Check headlights, blinkers, and tail lights to make sure all are working well.Ensure you have a proper maintained spare tire and jack in the car.
Include jumper cables.

2.Emergency Gear: You never know when something will happen and you’ll be in an emergency. From getting a flat tire, a car accident, road closures due to poor weather, vehicle breakdown, or just a typical stuck in traffic for hours. If you are prepared then it helps these emergency situations become less stressful.

3.Emergency Gear to have on hand:Extra water for each person.Non- perishable Snacks/food for each person.First aid Kit.In winter include extra clothes, blankets, and winter gear.Basic medications such as Pain relievers for adults and kids, inhaler if you have asthma, tweezers and finger nail clippers, etc.

4.Entertainment: When you are traveling with kids, having entertainment for them is actually a safety measure. If the kids get board and start screaming, then it’s not a safe driving environment. We always ensure we pack entertainment for the kids such as:books.Magnet activities.Coloring books & crayons or Colored Pencils.Smaller quiet toys such as action figures (not tiny that will get lost in the car).A stuffed animal
Electronic game.Small pillow and cuddle blanket in case they want to sleep
Favorite Snacks – this can really help keep kids happy while traveling.

5.Seat Safety: Not only is it the law to wear seat belts or ride in a car seat/booster chair when in the car, it is also crucial for safety.You want to ensure that each person in the vehicle is safely restrained in the car.For our older kids, that means sitting in the back with their seat belt on. For our daughter that means in her Graco Booster Chair with her seat belt in place.Many parents think they have their children properly restrained in the car, but statistics show that many actually don’t.

The other great safety feature is how easy it is to adjust the shoulder straps. You know how difficult it was to unthread the shoulder straps, change height positions and rethread.

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