Rs 5 lakh fixed as MBBS fee in self-financing colleges

The Justice Rajendra Babu Committee, which was tasked by the Kerala government to revisit the fee structure for medical courses, has provisionally fixed the fees for 85% of the MBBS seats in private self-financing medical colleges at Rs 5 lakh and fixed the fees for NRI seats at Rs 20 lakh.

By fixing the fee for 85% of the MBBS seats as Rs 5 lakh, the committee has effected a Rs 50,000 reduction in the fees.

However, it has suggested a Rs 5 lakh increase in the case of NRI seats, from Rs 15 lakh ealier to Rs 20 lakh.

It has also fixed the fee for BDS seats general merit at Rs 2.90 lakh and retained fees for NRI seats at Rs 6 lakh.


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