Introduction of Rs 200 notes will ease transactions: RBI

The Reserve Bank launched the bright yellow 200 notes and said it will shortly ramp up the supply of the new currency note across the country.

The RBI has launched the Rs 200 note with an aim to make it easier for the common man to transact in lower denomination currencies.

These notes are available only through “select RBI offices and banks as is normal when a new denomination of notes is introduced and the supply increases gradually”, the RBI said in a release.

The production of these notes is being “ramped up by the currency printing presses, and over time as more notes are printed, it will be distributed across the country through the banking channels and will be available for public in adequate quantity”, the release said.

As per the new policy on theme-based currency notes, the Rs 200 bill bears motif of Sanchi Stupa to depict India’s cultural heritage.

The base colour of the note is bright yellow, the RBI said.

The RBI had said that Rs 200 note will provide the “missing link” and ensure optimal mix of currency denominations.


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