Room Decoration Tips With Exotic Flooring Types

Enhancing the house floor is a big deal and involves a firm decision as the designs can”t be changed frequently as and when we plan to renovate our house. Before we decide to purchase the flooring designs, we grab a look at the pictures and recent designs to make it reasonable and worth our budget. It would be preferable to go for designs which are evergreen so take a look at the different flooring types that can help you match with the idea of your dream house.From ceramic tile and marble to vinyl and hardwood, you can select flooring designs according to the house structure and design. Here are some exotic flooring type to decorate your room.

Exotic flooring types to decorate your room are:

1.Hardwood: It is one of the expensive yet popular types of flooring. The quality of these floors improve with age and can be refinished. It is an expensive flooring but durable. Hardwood flooring are best for cold climatic as it keeps the house warm. It also has a few disadvantages when it comes to maintenance as they not scratch proof and need to varnished often. The floors are not water resistant and cannot be preferred for bathrooms.

2.Vinyl: There are varieties like vinyl sheets and tiles in different color and designs. The flooring is expensive but requires low maintenance, so it can be used anywhere in the house. Vinyl tiles are easy to install so you have an easy option if you are planning to use this flooring type.

3.Ceramic: This is a long lasting flooring and does not require replacement unless you want to. Ceramic floors are subtle, durable and scratch resistant. Though the flooring is expensive and difficult to apply, it does not require any maintenance as they are hard material which makes them long lasting. This flooring is also used to keep the house warm if the climate is cold. If you are staying in a hilly region, ceramic floors are a good option.

4.Laminate: It is made of fiberboard and is sealed under high pressure on the floor. It can be used as an alternative to tile, wood or stone flooring. Laminate flooring is cheap, durable and easily maintainable flooring and can be done without any expertise.

5.Bamboos: Bamboos are one of the new flooring types that are gaining popularity from recent times. They are popular choices for geo inspired houses. Bamboo floors are durable, versatile and have a unique color. It can be used in the open space like balconies.

6.Marble: This is the most common flooring. It comes in different colors and are popular choice in hot region. Marble flooring are stones and are bad conductors and thus they are cool even during summers. The flooring is durable but as they are light in color, even lighter stains get visible on floors, so cleaning is a must.

7.Carpet Tiles: Carpet floors are the floors that are famous since many years. Trendy carpet tiles are available in various patterns. Although the trends keep changing, the tiles are always available with new flooring patterns. The tiles suit any room of the house and particularly antique houses.

These are the exotic flooring types to enhance your room decoration.

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