Role of Eye Contact in Relationships

Heart Beat

Whether you believe it or not, when two people who are in love with each other maintain eye contact, their hearts start beating in a similar rhythm.

Eyes Dilate

When your eyes start staring at your crush or a loved one, they tend to dilate. Studies say that your eyes become bigger and wider when you view your favourite human being.

How Women Convey Interest

In a study, many women admitted some facts about their eye contact patterns. Women show interest by maintaining eye contact for a split second, looking away and again looking into the eyes within half a minute. This is one way women convey interest.

Love At First Sight

A study claims that 90% of the couples who experienced love at first sight had perfect eye-sight. So researchers wonder whether people with eye sight issues fall in love at first! May be eyes have a very big role in love at first sight.

Stress Relief

When you are stressed out or when you are suffering pain, staring at a picture of someone you love dearly can bring some relief!

Blinking Eyes

If the other person is blinking eyes too often, it could also indicate that he or she is slowly getting attracted to you. If the other person is avoiding eye contact, it could be due to insecurity.

Attractive Eyes

Symmetrical eyes tend to look attractive. Dark circles under the eyes could make you look less attractive.

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