Rock Plants That Suit For Rock Garden

Rock gardens are not necessarily public places these days. People have their own private gardens the theme of which are rocks. It is much easier that way because the maintenance for these gardens are less; rock plants are a hardy breed that need little pampering. Moreover, it is more than a garden landscape for you; it adds texture and colour to your home. Just because we said rocks it does not have be outdoors; you can easily modify your balcony or a sunny spot in your living room into something that looks like the work of an landscape artist.Here are some rock plants that suit for rock garden.

Rock plants that suit for rock garden are:

1.Ivy Plant: As you already know from prior experience, Ivy is a plant that can virtually grow on anything. It actually grows without any soil! You need not plant or water them and they still grow like webbed net all around. As Ivy is a climbing plant it looks better on a rock wall that rocks lying flat on the ground. It can be the perfect background to your garden landscape.

2.Mat Daisy: If you want your rock garden to have green mushy carpet like cover then you need to grow this mountain variety coming from the daisy family. It is all the way from highland Australia. This rock plant propagates via the stem which is horizontally so it grows very fast and forms a mat of green. Probably that is where the name comes from.

3.Scented Thyme Plants: Your garden can not only look good but also smell good if you chose the right rock plants. Thyme is one such variety. It grows amazingly well in rocky terrains of mountains and also smells great. In fact there are 3 to 4 special types of thyme like lemon thyme, orange thyme and wild thyme that will make your garden aromatic apart from being rock carved as it already is.

4.Yellow Eyed Grass: Have you ever noticed those tiny yellow dots in the middle of lush green grass in the country side? They are the bloom in spring but last almost all year except the harsh summer. You can have this beautiful flowering variety of grass in your garden for a base on which you can apply your modifications.

5.Hardy Iceplant: This rplant too will cover ground but not like a carpet; it grows in mounds. You can keep this beautiful rock plant in a flat flower pot with pebbles in it. This plant flowers with pink blossoms in the summer and the first part of autumn. For the rest of the year, the succulent cactii like looking leaves will add to the green cover of your garden.

These are the rock plants that suit for your rock garden.

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