Restroom Etiquette Rules You Must Follow In Office

The restroom is not the place in the world to be yourself, especially if other people are going to use it after you. If you are someone who thinks that restroom etiquette is not important in your work life then picture this. You have just left your office toilet unflushed and slopped a lot of water on the floor. To make things worse, your shit smell awfully unappetizing. You open the door and see your boss waiting outside. You can neither bang the door on his/her face to clean things up nor let him/her walk into your mess. Here are some restroom etiquette rules that you must follow.

Restroom etiquette rules that you must follow are:

1.Never leave the toilet unflushed. May be do not do it on purpose, you just forget but your colleague who walks in after you will consider it a discourtesy. He or she may think that you are just uncultured and do not know how to use an office toilet. That shows poorly on your image.

2.If you drop water on the seat of the toilet then you must wipe it with tissues. No body likes to sit on a wet toilet seat and moreover most infections happen from soggy toilets. It will take just 1 minute of your time but it will be a greatly positive gesture towards the next person to use that toilet.

3.Never squat on the toilet. It is a very typically Indian thing to do. Some people are used to squatting on Indian style lavatories but the same posture cannot be valid for a western toilet pot.

4.When you squat on a western toilet (which your office toilet most likely is) you will firstly leave foot prints on the seat or worse your shoe marks. Secondly you will be dropping lots of water around you unnecessarily.

5.You must always pee or shit inside the toilet and not outside. This restroom etiquette is again related to the outdated system of squatting on the toilet. Only when you sit in this unbalanced and unsuitable position is there a chance that you might pee or shit outside the toilet pot making it impossible to keep the toilet clean.

6.Never try to flush plastic or other things that will not disintegrate in water immediately. It is against bathroom rules to flush things like like wrappers, sanitary napkins etc. because they choke up the drain pipes.

7.When you know that the toilet is stinking after you you must either switch on the exhaust or open the shutters for the air to freshen. Another way is cover the pot with the lid and then flush it. The gases you emit are all water soluble so that should do the trick.

These are the restroom rules that you must follow in your office.

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