Red and White German Silver Earring



Truly extravagant red and white german silver 2.5 inches earring designed with stone and beads.Ear piercing is said to be the most common type of body piercing. Women love to shop for different types of accessories to adorn their ears. However, many women have sensitive earlobes and develop allergic reactions to certain metals, especially jewelry made out of nickel. It is commonly present in stainless steel earrings, or the ones bought for cheap prices. Also, earrings made from alloys or a mixture of unalike metals can create problems as the moisture induced by sweat can cause an electrochemical reaction. Hence, it becomes difficult to find the perfect earrings that do not cause any kind of infection or pain. Nevertheless, there is good news for people with such problems. Now you can find a variety of earrings that are specially made for sensitive earlobes.

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Print-Stone and Beads

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