Reasons Why Your Spouse Avoid You

Marriage is always a culmination of happy and sad moments. There are days when you love your spouse to the core and then there are days when you really cannot stand your spouse. So married life moves on at its own pace when you have both good and bad days. So there are days when you might feel that your spouse avoids you. When your spouse avoids you, it is rarely without any reason.

There is no reason to freak out if your spouse avoids you. However, you need to find out why your spouse is avoiding you. There might be a number of reasons. So, there is no reason to jump to conclusions when your spouse avoids you. The easiest conclusion to come to would be that your spouse is cheating on you. However, that is not always the only reason why your spouse avoids you.If want to know what to do when your spouse avoids you, you have to first find out the cause. You could walk right up to him or her and ask. But it won’t work out as he or she is ‘avoiding’ you. Your spouse will avoid the question just like he or she is avoiding you.Here are some reasons why your spouse avoiding you.

Reasons why your spouse avoiding you are:

1.Avoiding Confrontation: May be your spouse has done something wrong and is scared that you might give him/her hell when you find out. So he or she is sheepishly avoiding a confrontation with you.

2.Avoiding Fight: There may be a chance that your spouse is only avoiding a fight with you by avoiding you. You know when you both are upset and about to break loose, the best policy is to avoid each other until the situation settles down.

3.Preoccupied With Work: May be you are thinking too much. Your spouse is not avoiding you. Your partner might be spaced out due to work pressure. You can know this for sure by observing his or her behaviour for a week.

4.Avoiding Intimacy: Avoiding intimacy with your partner could be due to a number of reasons. Either your partner is having an affair or you have really pissed him off. Th third possible option is that your spouse feels insecure about his or her body. This can be the reason if your spouse has put on weight or has recently gone through childbirth.

5.After A Fight: It is common for spouses to avoid each other after a fight. There are days of awkward silences after a fight especially if the fight was unresolved.

6.Hiding An Affair: Trying to hide an affair is the oldest and most cliched explanation for a spouse avoiding you.

7.Planning To Leave You: Sometimes, when your spouse is planning to leave you, he or she might start emotionally detaching from you. This too can lead to a situation where you feel ignored or avoided by your spouse.

8.May Be He/She Needs Space: It is also possible that you are being to clingy to your spouse and not allowing him or her to breathe. That is why; your spouse is trying find some space for himself or herself.

These are the reasons why your spouse avoiding you.

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