Reasons Why You Should Not Date The Insecure Guy

In relationships it is quite normal to feel insecure at times.The reason could be anything, starting right from their childhood to something that happened in college. Dating insecure men can be very difficult and we don’t recommend it at all.An insecure guy doesn’t appear as one at all. It is only when you look at certain qualities that you realise that they aren’t what they appear to be.Here are some reasons behind you should not date the insecure guy.

Reasons why you should not date the insecure guy are:

1.Love Is Just A Representation: Loving another person is possible only when you are narcissistic to a certain level. We aren’t asking you to be vain but loving yourself is the first step towards loving another person. But while dating an insecure guy you’ll understand that love is just a representation from them. They are low on self-esteem and for that reason they don’t themselves the way they are.

2.Their Moods Depend On You: Dating insecure men can be extremely difficult because their life revolves around you. That can be mainly attributed to the fact that they are incapable of building meaningful relationships. Their moods are dependent of your moods. If you’re happy/sad, he’ll be happy/sad. But partners should lift each other’s moods, instead of becoming a part of it.

3.They Are A Jealous Lot: Insecure guys are jealous of any or most male friends you have in your life. They cannot handle the fact that you’re friends with other men. He doubts you whenever you say that you’re out with friends. Dating insecure men can be a serious pain in the arse.

4.They Are Impractical: Insecure guys often come with issues. They assume that you’re the answer to all their problems. And when you don’t meet their insane standards they will start moving away, looking for new people who will listen to their woes. They expect things to fall into place without their interference.

5.A Man Of Words, Not Deeds: Most of the times the insecure guy’s audio wont be in sync with their video. They are the biggest hypocrites you’ll ever meet. They manipulate you into thinking that they aren’t at fault. A valuable dating advice for women would be not to date an insecure guy.

These are the reasons why you should not date the insecure guy.

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