Reasons Why You Never Compare Your Relationship With Others

As a person, you are unique. Your relationship is a unique one. No two relationships can be compared. Though other relationships around may look good to your eyes, you never know what lies beneath the surface. The couples around you with fake smiles may be fighting with each other amidst closed walls. So, never never compare your relationship with others.

As human beings, we tend to look at others to gain insights and learn new things. But sometimes, this habit of ours may also lead us to compare our lives with others. This can’t be helpful in relationships because each relationship is different and has its own dynamics.If you have any issues with your girlfriend, you can always sort them out by openly discussing them. But if you try to enlighten her by comparing her with your ex-girlfriend or your neighbour’s wife or any other girl, she may feel offended and this would start a bigger fight. Never compare your relationship with others unless you want trouble in your life.Here are some reasons why you never compare your relationship with others.

Reasons why you never compare your relationship with others are:

1.If you are satisfied, nothing else counts: The main reason why you must never compare your relationship with others is because you already know how satisfied you are in your relationship. If you are okay with it, you don’t need to feel jealous looking at other loving couples around. If you are not satisfied with your relationship, then it means that you must work on it. Looking at others won’t help anyway.

2.You don’t need to imitate others: Imitating others will not help you in life. Especially, in relationships, it doesn’t take you anywhere because your partner is different. Looking at how your neighbour treats his wife won’t help you because your wife is different from your neighbour’s wife. Your partner’s needs and wants are different. Focus on them first. Don’t compare your relationship with theirs.

3.Your life is more about your situations: We all have different life situations. We react to them accordingly. So, at the end of the day, you need to just do the right things that your situations demand. This is why you cannot compare your relationship with others. You must do your own thing.

4.Your partner is your only soul mate: If you have plans of getting attracted to someone else other than your partner, then find some other reason. You can never compare your relationship to others and complain that you want a better partner. Though finding another person might look like a romantic idea, it won’t help in the long run as there is no guarantee that another person may come into your life and accept you as you are with all your defects.

These are the reasons why you never compare your relationship with others.

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