Reasons Why Vaginal Birth Delivery Is Safer

A new research says that vaginal birth is healthier than other methods of delivery. The reason behind this is that, it enables microbiome transfer to the infant. Scientists say that this transfer impacts the immunity of the newborn baby. Any disturbance or imbalance in the microbiome environment during the time of the delivery could pose several health issues in the child.Microbiome is nothing but a term used to refer to the colonies of bacteria and other microorganisms that we carry on our bodies. They include some healthy bacteria that function from your gut.

What most of us seldom realise is that these tiny microorganisms do a lot for our survival. Our health and immunity depends upon them. Factors like diet, exercise and stress may also impact the bacteria and thereby impact your immunity.Certain issues in childhood like obesity, asthma, allergies and even autism are linked to disturbed levels of these microorganisms according to scientists.

This is the reason why health experts have started recommending vaginal birth instead of other methods. The role of bacteria doesn’t end there itself. The levels of those microorganisms determine the health of the child for the whole life according to a study.


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