Reasons For Increased Hair Growth During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of positive changes in a woman. She learns how to be more responsible as a mother and also finds tremendous joy in bringing up her child. Also, pregnancy is a phase in which many physical changes occur in a woman’s body due to hormonal fluctuations.A pregnant woman gains a significant amount of weight, her hips, buttocks and tummy expand to accommodate the baby, stretch marks are common and her feet swell up.

The above-mentioned physical changes are quite common in most pregnant woman. However, certain physiological changes are unique to individuals. Some women experience a rather undesirable physiological changes, wherein their body hair increases to a very visible extent. While it is quite normal for women to have body hair, pregnant or otherwise, certain hormonal changes and other factors that occur during pregnancy can increase the growth of body hair.Here are some reasons for increased hair growth during pregnancy.

Reasons for increased hair growth during pregnancy are:

1.Androgens: During pregnancy, a considerable amount of hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body. During the first trimester, the androgen production in a woman’s body increases, leading to an increased hair growth.

2.Progesterone: The hormone progesterone is produced in pregnant woman to facilitate a healthy pregnancy. Progesterone is known to stimulate the hair follicles, thereby increasing hair growth.

3.Pre-Natal Vitamins: Most women consume pre-natal vitamins, as they are prescribed to keep her and her baby healthy. Pre-natal vitamins can also trigger the growth of excess of hair on the head and also on the body.

4.Diet: A pregnant woman tends to consume a lot of food, as she needs to take in extra nutrients to keep herself and her baby healthy. Sudden increase in the quantity of food is also known to be a reason for an increased hair growth.

5.Avoiding Hair Removal: Many pregnant women are advised not to wax, bleach or shave their bodies to get rid of the unwanted hair, due to safety concerns. When hair is not removed regularly, naturally, there is a lot of growth.

6.Folic Acid: Pregnant women are advised to consume folic acid in the form of capsules or even in natural forms like orange juice. Folic acid is also known to trigger the growth of excess hair on the body.

7.Decreased Physical Activity: Many pregnant women tend to rest most of the time and not indulge in physical activities like household chores or exercise. Decreased physical activity is also linked to an increased growth of body hair, according to many studies.

These are the reasons for increased hair growth during pregnancy period.

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