Reasons Behind You Should Not Start Business

Every man wants to quit his job and start up his own business. There are several reasons why men feel the need to start a business. For eg, working under a boss can be really irritating, male ego, dominance, monotonous work life, too much of work pressure are few reasons why men want to do business.Here are some reasons behind you should not start business.

Reasons behind you should not start business are:

1.No fixed income: In business, you income is not fixed for the month. Sometimes, you can earn more and the next month you can lose more than the earned amount. To be on the safer side, you can plan a side business whilst doing a job. This doesn’t impact much. It is best to have a sound knowledge and idea before starting a business.

2.Capital: Every business requires investment. The capital required to set up business and sustain it is huge depending on the business plans. This capital amount is non-refundable and you will face a huge loss if your business doesn’t do well.

3.No security: In job, you have a secure salary and the job is also almost secure. You are aware of your expenditures and have proper planned savings. In business, you spend more in the beginning months and if it does well, you earn good or else lose.

4.Market: Business depends more on the market. As it is recession time, it is good not to start a business now. Loss is predictable in this market and there is no guarantee of getting profit from business. Moreover, small scale businesses take time to set up with good profits and in this recession, the business might suffer a huge loss.

These are the reasons behind you should not start business.

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