Reasons Behind Women Live Longer Than Men


It is no longer a secret that women, all over the globe, enjoy a longer life than their male counterparts. Breaking the myth of being the weaker sex, women have outlived men by 5-6 years, if not more.Out of 34 longest living human beings, only 2 are male. And that says a lot.

This kind of data and many more statistical inputs provided by scientists all over the world has finally confirmed that female population has higher life expectancy than male; and there are various biological and health reasons why women live longer than men.It is true that men can run faster than women and can lift more weight than their counterparts, but in the end, it’s women who beat them in the race of life and outlive men.For four 85-year-old men, there are six women of the same age. And it becomes a solo competition, once it crosses that barrier of 100 years.

In recent years, women have 4.2 years more life expectancy than men on an average and within another 40 years, it is going to increase up to 4.8 years. While the difference of lifestyle has always been identified as the main reason for this difference.Here are some reasons to know about women live longer than men.

Reasons why women live longer than men are:

1.Better Prenatal Growth In Uterus: Female foetus has better growth rate and immunity system than the male counterpart, which gives them full physical maturity on birth, giving a longer life. While in male babies, their physical maturity continues even after their birth, making them weaker and more susceptible to diseases.

2.Natural Selection: Women are biologically programmed to live longer because they reproduce and maintain the human genome. Since that is a vital part of survival of a species, nature has blessed the female population and that is what makes women live longer than men.

3.Care-Giving Nature: In all species, the care-giving counterpart has better life expectancy than the rest. Women by default are the care givers in our species, which gives them the advantage of longevity over men.

4.Chromosomal Difference: Women have longer telomeres (a part in a chromosome) than men, which protect our chromosomes. Telomeres help our cells to regenerate and work as an anti-ageing mechanism. As women have a longer telomere, they age slower than men and slow ageing of cells is what makes women live longer than men.

5.Gradual Hormonal Changes: Throughout her lifetime, a woman has different levels of hormones that help her to optimise her health. After childbirth, for example, women start producing more thyroxin to make up for immunity and health. This is one of the main health reasons why women live longer than men.

6.Less Prone To Cardiovascular Diseases: Female body releases oestrogen, this is a primary sex hormone for women. Oestrogen keeps arteries and blood vessels clean, supple and strong, which prevents heart-related problems. Unfortunately, amount of oestrogen presence in the male body is negligible. As cardiovascular disease is second in causing death, women are protected by their own body. Release of oestrogen is one of the most important health reasons why women live longer than men.

7.Stronger Social Network: Research shows that having a good social network can reduce morality chances by almost 50%.Women are more socially evolved than men and they have more friends than men, which helps them to get a long life.

8.Less Risk-Taking Lifestyle: Women have a much more developed frontal lobe in cerebral cortex. This is one of the primary health reasons why women live longer than men. Due to a more developed frontal lobe, women take more matured and measured decisions than men, which give them a longer life.

9.Less Smoking: Average female population prone to smoking is much lower than the male population. Less nicotine intake always gives more chance at living longer than their smoking counterparts.

10.Health Wise, Women Are More Aware: It is a common knowledge that women visit physicians more often than men. This gives women an idea of their health issues, which can be taken care of at the primary stage. Naturally, this gives women a chance to have better life expectancy.

11.More Involved In Physical Activities: Contrary to common that men do more physical work than women, it often turns out that women are more active, physically and mentally. Unlike men’s office work, women need to constantly be active for doing household chores, and there is no retirement age for that. Naturally, it gives women the advantage of longevity.

12.Lower Stress Level Than Men: Women have natural antioxidants in their body that help reduce stress. So, in an average day, under similar situation, a man has a higher stress level than a woman. It reduces life expectancy in men and gives women a chance at living a longer life.

These are the reasons behind women live longer than men.

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