Reasons Behind Asian Women Use Green Tea For Their Skin

Asian women have enviably smooth and clear skin that seems to never age! One of the secrets is that they use green tea for a multitude of purposes on the skin. Some of their beauty tricks are indeed very strange, like using snail essence for the skin, but we have heard that it works really well. Snail essence is supposed to have anti-ageing properties.Using green tea seems a lot more sane than using snail stuff. Because even though snail essence may be effective, a lot of women can be slightly grossed out by the idea of it.

There are many other things that are unique to the Asian people, like rice powder masks and sheet masks. We love sheet masks so much because of the burst of moisture they give to our skin.Here are some reasons behind Asian women use green tea for their skin.

Reasons behind Asian women use green tea for their skin are:

1.Anti-Ageing: The amount of nutrients and enzymes present in green tea can reduce the production of free radicals in the skin, which are usually responsible for early signs of ageing. For this you can either apply products containing green tea or drink two cups of green tea every day.

2.Fights Acne: Green tea has catechins that have antibacterial properties that fight the bacteria that could be causing acne and pimples. Say bye bye to those ugly spots for good now. Now you know how to use green tea for acne on skin.

3.Sun Protection: Green tea can protect your skin from sun damage by neutralizing the damage caused because of the tannins it has.

4.Evens Complexion: A green tea scrub can make your skin a whole lot clearer. For this cut up a tea bag and mix some honey with the contents of the tea bag. Use this to scrub your face. Doing this every week can help you get the even skin tone you wish for. This is one of the major benefits of green tea for skin.

5.Puffy Eyes: Place two tea bags in the fridge at night and place them on your eyes when you wake up the next morning to make your eyes stop being puffy! The cold and caffeine in the tea bags help with the puffiness.

6.Toner: It acts as a great toner for the skin because it helps shrink large pores. So if you have large pores that seem to keep getting clogged, it is definitely time to switch to a green tea toner.

7.Shiny Hair: The vitamin E in green tea helps it make the hair soft and shiny and even protects hair from harmful things like pollution and sun damage. Just rinse your hair with green tea when you are done washing your hair. That’s all you need to do.

These are the reasons behind Asian women use green tea for their skin.

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