Holy ‘Ramayana month’ begins in Kerala

The auspicious ‘Ramayana Month’ began in Kerala on Monday with temples and Hindu houses across the state resonating with the chanting of the epic ‘Ramayana’.

‘Karkkidakam’, the last month in the Malayalam almanac, is observed as the auspicious ‘Ramayana Month’ in the state.

It has been a decade-old tradition that devotees, especially elders, recite ‘Adhyatma Ramayana’ authored by Thunchath Ezhuthachan, in the next one month to mark the period.

Keralites believe that reading of the epic would give them spiritual strength to tide over the hardships that come in the wake of the lean season.

Spiritual classes and discourses on ‘Ramayana’ by experts would be conducted in various temples, including at the famed Sree Krishna Temple in Guruvayur till the end of the ‘karkkidakam’ month.


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