Protecting ourselfes in rainy season

After surviving through the tiring hot summer, the monsoon is just around the corner for rescue. This rescue brings with it loads of fun but has its own share of risks. Below are few quick guidelines to help you do your bit to avoid the risks and in-turn keep the monsoon magic alive

Office Mannerism to be followed during monsoons:

Waterproof your way:
Is not it annoying to find a sea of umbrellas or clothes being dried in the office floor and passages? Carrying an extra plastic or waterproof bag for your wet clothes and umbrellas will help keeping the office clean and water-free.

Keep the premisis of the office clean:

We all know that reaching office in an absolute spick and dry state during monsoon is not always possible. So, it’s okay to clean away the muck and dirt from your clothes and shoes. But, after you are done, dab away the extra water or immediately call for housekeeping and help them clean the mess. Make liberal use of the foot mat placed at the entrance of each building

Do not be the transmitter:

If suffering from any symptoms of influenza or any other contagious disease; avoid coming to office and help prevent spread of the disease. It is of utmost importance to resume duties only after full recovery.

Watch your step:

Always use the passages while commuting among the premises. Do not venture beyond passages in vegetation which can result to slips, trips or even insects bites.

Monsoon travel tips

Be aware:

Watch / listen to the whether forecast and keep track of any advisories from the meteorological department. If possible postpone or cancel travel during heavy rains or thunderstorm.

Get it right:

Expect delays, pack extra pair of clothes, some munchies, a torch, spare batteries and mosquito repellent. Always carry first-aid and lots of drinking water.

Start early to avoid delays in rainy season:

Do keep a note of your latest cab timings. If you are travelling by personnel vehicle start early and drive cautiously

Monsoon driving tips::

Vehicle check:
Before hitting the road, thoroughly check your brakes, lights, vipers, air conditioning and tyres.

Drive Cautiously:

Always drive cautiously at low speeds. Avoid harsh braking / turning. Put on the fog lights or headlights to ease others to see you during heavy rains and low visibility. If you do get caught in flooded areas, slip the vehicle into first gear and keep a steady foot on the throttle at high RPMs. This will help the exhaust gases to keep water from entering the tailpipe. After crossing the water hazard, pump your brakes a few times to dry them out.

While at home in monsoons:

Excess supplies:

Build on excess supplies of critical items especially for infants and the elderly at home. Keep emergency lights handy. In event of a lightning and thunderstorm, disconnect and unplug cables of electronic equipment’s like TV, AC etc.

Supervise children at play in rainy season:

Prevent children from playing near the drains / storm water drains. Supervise their activities to prevent them venture near shrubs and bushes. Prevent them from eating outdoor eatables. Pursue them to adapt good hygiene and use of hand sanitizer.
With this we hope that these tips will help you prepare for a safer and pleasant monsoon.

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