Post Workout Snacks That Are Best To Have


Before we hit the gym we must have a small amount of food which is good in carbohydrates as you will need a lot of energy at the gym. But this is not all. Equally important is the post workout snack that will help you recover in the proper manner. Healthy and best post workout snacks consist of those foods that provide a good source of protein.Here are some post workout snacks that are best to have.

Post workout snacks that are best to have are:

1.Peanut Butter Toast: As a post workout snack this can be one of your best options. Pair it up with a whole grain toast and you have a perfect combination of nutrition and taste.

2.Chocolate Smoothie:Yummy chocolate mixed in a glass of milk is all it takes to shake up a chocolate smoothie. Want to make it more filling? Add a banana to it.

3.Fruit Smoothie: Some fruits like banana and strawberry go well with milk to make a banana smoothie. Other options include pure fruit ones like berry smoothies or green smoothies. You can choose from cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, avocado, kiwi, pineapple etc.

4.Peanut Butter Smoothie: One more smoothie and one well packed with protein. This is a healthy workout snack which packs in the protein of peanuts and milk.

5.Boiled Eggs: There is nothing equal to eggs when it comes to nutrition. This one little thing packs in all the required nutrients we need for a healthy life. If you are having more than one egg, make sure to have only one yolk. We do not want high cholesterol levels from excess yolks.

6.Nuts And Dry Fruits: Nuts and dry fruits are a good source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. They help build a good immune system and provide the body with essential nutrients. After a heavy workout at the gym munch on nuts and regain your energy.

7.Cheese And Whole Grain Crackers: A very good and rich source of protein is cheese. It has all the goodness of milk and forms a filling snack. Have it with whole grain crackers and enjoy the cream and crunch combination.

8.Protein Bars: The name says it all. A healthy post workout snack is one that gives you a good dose of protein and this is exactly what these bars do. Go for the sugar free ones or minimum sugar options.

9.Yogurt And Berries: Yogurt is a milk product and hence a source of protein. Add some berries to it and get a tasty snack ready in minutes.

10.Hummus And Toast: Hummus is made from chickpeas which are rich in protein and calcium. Hummus also has the beneficial sesame making is one of the best bread spreads.

11.Tuna And Whole Wheat Toast: Protein has always been associated with fish. Make a sandwich with tuna and whole grain bread and give yourself a healthy snack.

12.Cereal And Milk: Post workout snack has to be filling and protein rich. The cereal makes it filling while the milk provides the protein. If you want a little more out of it add roasted and sliced almonds, banana slices or a tablespoon of honey.

13.Veggie Omelet: Protein, minerals, and vitamins is what you get from a veggie omelet. You can add capsicum, tomato, broccoli, onion, garlic, mushrooms or cabbage. The choice is yours.

14.Whole Wheat Pizza: Pizza can be healthy if made the proper way. Have a thin crust whole wheat pizza with the right amount of cheese with a healthy topping.

15.Rice Bars: The rice will provide the energy while the peanut butter will give you the protein you need after a workout.

16.Juice With Protein Powder: Juice as a post workout snack can be very refreshing but can also give you empty calories. Make it a health drink by adding your favorite protein powder to the juice.

17.Oatmeal: A bowl of oatmeal a day will always keep you healthy and hearty. Have it as a post workout snack with additions like strawberries, bananas, nuts, and dry fruits.

18.Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese is packed with protein and calcium and can be suited to your taste. If you like it sweet you can add sugar or honey and if you like it with salt it’s your call. In either case you are going to benefit.

19.Banana Pancakes: Pancakes may sound unhealthy if made with excessive sugar and topped with maple syrup. Make it healthy by cutting down on the sugar, add banana and replace maple syrup with honey.

20.Stir Fries: Bright green, yellow, and red veggies stir fried with boiled chicken can make an appetizing snack. If you are vegetarian you can replace chicken with tofu.

These are the post workout snacks that are best.

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