Police arrests 5 men with suspected IS links in Kannur

The police have arrested two more youths for suspected Islamic State (IS) links. Hamsa and Manaf, both from Thalassery in Kannur district, were arrested by the Valapattanam police.

The police said the youths were recruiting people from Kannur and Kasaragod districts to the banned terror outfit.

Hamsa is suspected to have links with the top leaders of the IS.

The police had on Wednesday arrested three youths for suspected IS links. They were natives of Valapattanam and Chakkarakkal in Kannur district.

The trio, who had left the state years ago, were suspected to have visited Syria and reportedly received training from the terror outfit, they said.

“Three persons in the age group of 25 and 30, were arrested around 3.00 pm for their links with the Islamic State,” Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kannur, Sadanandan said.

“They have been arrested based on an evidence obtained after examining their phone calls. Further interrogation is going on,” he said.



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