Plants That Are Best To Grow For Bonsai

When we see a miniature and yet fully grown banyan tree in the form of a potted plant, we are tempted to believe that it is some kind of miracle. These gardening miracles are called bonsai plants. Now most people have this misconception that ‘bonsai’ is a different kind of indoor plant altogether. Actually, that is a misnomer. Bonsai is a special gardening technique to grow huge trees at potted plants. The resulting indoor plants are called bonsai plants.Not all plants can make a good bonsai. The first criteria is that it should originally be a huge outdoor tree, Only then the element of surprise by seeing it as a potted plant is there.Here are some plants that are best to grow for bonsai.

Plants that are best to grow for bonsai are:

1.Banyan Tree: This tree is a sign of age and timelessness. The most remarkable features of a banyan tree are the aerial frop roots that hang from it. Only an aged banyan tree can have these roots. It is the hanging roots that give biggest visual appeal to a bonsai plant made of a banyan tree. The tree is easy to identify and as soon as you see the aerial roots, you are sure it is fully grown tree in the miniature form.

2.Oak Tree: In literature and culture, oak is the symbol of permanence. They call an aged Oak, the Old Oak. These trees were once revered as the ‘elders’ or the aged members of any forest in pagan religions. The stem of an oak tree gives away its age. It is usually broad and knotted with age. That is why, any oak bonsai is easily identifiable; that makes it an exotic indoor plant to have in your house.

3.Maple Tree: Maples are known for their vibrant their orange red colour. They are beautiful and picturesque even when are outdoors. The orange hue of an expansive maple tree is one of the best sights of autumn. As bonsai plants, maples have a very colourful presence.

4.Elm Tree: An Elm tree is the sign of determination and strength. They usually have a branched out structure and are very shady. This quality makes it the favourite tree of elves, beautiful magical creatures in literature. Thus these shady trees cut a striking image when they are minimized in a pot.

5.Cherry Tree: Any kind of tree that is woody can make a good bonsai plant. However, fruiting plants have a different kind of visual appeal. Seeing the bright red cherries hang from a tiny potted plants gives different beauty to this bonsai. That is why fruit trees in general are great bonsai plants.

These are the plants that are best to grow for bonsai.

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