Online Shopping Safety Tips To Know

Online shopping has given people more choice and cheaper prices. It’s a great time saver, but be aware that sometimes bargain hunting can sometimes catch you out. Here are some online shopping safety tips to know.

Online shopping safety tips are:

1.Check that the website is secure: Always look for a padlock symbol in the browser window when you attempt to log in, register or check out. Only enter credit/debit card details on a webpage that begins with ‘https://’. The ‘s’ stands for secure and means your payment information is encrypted. Often you can check the SSL certificate registration details to see if they match with the website address.

2.Buy online using a credit card: Buying with a credit card gives shoppers better protection than a debit card – if a deal goes bad you can try to get a bank chargeback. You could also use a Prezzy card which expires and offers an extra level of anonymity. If you are asked to pay using a money transfer system like Western Union do not do so. These systems are designed for sending money to people you know and trust and it’s not possible to trace payments or claim refunds if you send money this way.

3.Do some due diligence before you press buy: Check how much of a bargain you’re being offered – compare the price of the item in an NZ store to see how cheap the deal is. If you’re shopping on an online site that you haven’t used previously, Google the name of the site with the word “scam” or “review” after it. If a website has tricked other shoppers before, there’s a good chance a disgruntled customers will post warnings online.

4.Understand who runs the online shop: Well known brands often list a contact number, address and policies about returning goods. If you’re thinking of buying from a less well known website, check if the company lists a telephone number and try calling it. Many of the scam sites reported to us can only be reached through an online feedback form and this can often be a red flag.

These are the online shopping safety tips to know.

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