Oily Face Makeup Tips To Know


You are frustrated that you have an oily face and makeup tips just do not stay. You have an important date that you need to go for and you are in a hurry.For most people who have an oily face, they usually suffer from pimples and other facial problems. To this having an oily face tends gives you lot of tension on how to cover up the hidden facts.Here are some makeup tips for an oily face.

Oily face makeup tips are:

1.It is important that before you apply any makeup on the skin; a good facial scrub must be done, added later with a skin toner.

2.To first remove the oil formed on your face, place a bag of ice and gently dab on the oily areas of the face.

3.When you have gently placed the ice bag on your face, wipe it dry.

4.Now, use a sun block cream to apply on your face. This beauty tips is essential especially if you are going out in the sun. (you can also apply a oily free moisturizer ).

5.After the sun block is dry on the face, wait for a second or two. Now apply foundation and a concealer to your face to cover up all the blemishes that hides your beautiful features.

6.To apply a little powder on the face after the foundation to give you a fresh look and a free oily face.

These are the makeup tips for oily skin.

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