Nissan Vmotion 2.0 Concept Unveiled At 2017 North American Int’l Auto Show


Nissan Motor Company has unveiled its new Vmotion 2.0 Concept at the ongoing 2017 North America International Auto Show, in Detroit. The sharp and innovative concept previews the design language of Nissan’s future sedans and the company’s intelligent-mobility technology.

The long wheelbase sedan concept also comes loaded with a host of future tech and features along with Nissan’s ProPilot autonomous tech.

Nissan says that the new Vmotion 2.0 concept combines a high sense of style, emotional design, space, comfort and technology to make the mobility experience seamless for busy professionals who are constantly on the go. The concept is also equipped with the Nissan Intelligent Driving, a part of the company’s mobility solution.

It provides a safe and comfortable driving experience through technology such as ProPILOT, which allows the vehicle to drive in the autonomous mode not just on the highway and in heavy traffic conditions, but also on urban roads with intersections.

In terms of design, up front, the concept comes with the brand’s signature V-Motion grille that we have been seen in current Nissan cars. The grille is further flanked by sharp sweptback LED headlamps and well-sculpted front bumper with massive air intakes and bold character lines.

The silhouette of the car is characterised by what Nissan calls the “floating roof” design as roofline flows seamlessly from the steeply raked A-pillars to the trunk lip. There is also an abundance of muscular character lines and design creases on the bonnet, fenders and the side profile of the car that is defined by Nissan’s “Emotional Geometry” design language.

The rear portion gets the company’s signature Boomerang-style taillights that emphasise the width of the vehicle. The sculpted rear bumper also gets those bold character lines and houses the rear diffuser.

Both the front grille and the rear diffuser glow when the car operates in ProPILOT mode.

Dimensionally the car measures 4860mm in length, 1890mm in width and 1380mm in height. The high shoulder line that extends from the headlamp to the taillights exhibits the sheer length of this concept, which has a long wheelbase of 2850mm. This only means that the cabin offers a great amount of space.

The front and rear doors swing outward, creating a large pillar-less open space to enter the car. The dashboard comes with the Gliding Wing Design theme, which integrates the instrument panel and infotainment system for both the driver and passenger, while the single continuous horizontal display integrates the graphic user interface (GUI) of ProPILOT.

Occupants of the new Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept also get to enjoy the Bose’s UltraNearfield Speakers with new sound management technology. The smart audio system enhances situational awareness for drivers, thus aiding in overall safety on the road.


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