Nissan Terrano Facelift Launch Likely In April

Nissan’s entry in the compact SUV segment, the Terrano, is getting a facelift that is likely to be launched in India next month. The Terrano, which is based on the same platform as the Renault Duster, has not really clicked with the buyers.

The Japanese manufacturer has moved only 256 units out of showrooms in January 2017. In comparison, Renault has been able to sell 1279 units of Duster whereas Hyundai has sold 7918 Cretas in the same month.

Refreshing the Terrano may just be the last ditch effort from Nissan to revive the car’s sales.

The new Terrano is likely to get a new face. Among the changes that may come to the exterior are new front-end design and daytime running lights with the headlamps.
At the rear, Nissan may give the new Terrano LED taillamps. The facelift is also expected to get a set of new alloy wheels.
Nissan could look at upsizing from 16- to 17-inch wheels, to make the Terrano stand shoulder to shoulder with the leader of the pack – the Hyundai Creta.
Inside, the Terrano is expected to get a new dashboard design with features such as automatic climate control A/C and a touchscreen infotainment unit.
The current Terrano’s interior looks boring and feels dated too. So much so that more than the exterior, it is the interior of the Terrano that needs urgent rework.

Also expected are ABS and dual airbags as standard safety equipment on the new Terrano. The Indian government will make the two features mandatory on every new car soon and Nissan will not want to catch itself off-guard by such a move.

The Terrano, with new looks and features, may come in costlier than the current car on sale, whose prices start from Rs 9,99,000.


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