Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are crystallized waste minerals which are formed in the kidney when there is shortage of water. These stones then move into the ureter, which is the passageway for urine, and cause severe pain.

The most important factor in the formation of kidney stones is dehydration. Other factors like heredity or gout can also cause kidney stones.

Here are some natural ways to get rid of kidney stones without surgery.

1) Drink Plenty Of Water– As the major cause of kidney stones is dehydration, drinking water may help solve the problem. When you drink water, it automatically enters the kidneys and dissolves the toxins.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar- ACV is great in removing kidney stones naturally. The citric acid present in it will help dissolve the kidney stones. Its alkalizing properties also help flush out the toxins and clean the kidneys internally.

3) Baking Soda- The acid present in baking soda neutralises the uric acid of the kidney stones and helps reduce their size.

4) Basil- Basil leaves are amazing natural herbs and are widely used in Indian ayurveda. Basil leaves are known to encourage the kidneys to expel the kidney stones out naturally. It acts as a detoxifier and reduces the uric acid levels in the kidneys. It also acts as a painkiller.

5) Lemon Juice And Olive Oil– This is a powerful combination for removing kidney stones. The acidic properties of lemon juice help reduce the size of kidney stones and olive oil helps in their easy elimination out of the body.

6) Water Melon Seeds– Water melon seed tea is a trending natural remedy to treat kidney stones in recent times. We are all aware of the health benefits of watermelon, but the seeds too are very healthy. These tiny seeds are known for their laxative properties.

7) Banana Stem– Banana stem is very popular in ancient texts for its effectiveness in removing kidney stones. It is highly diuretic in nature and breaks down kidney stones. The banana stem juice if taken regularly without fail will help remove kidney stones naturally.

8) Radish Juice– It is said that radish juice is more effective in treating kidney stones than the vegetable eaten in its natural form. The minerals in radish juice help break down kidney stones and effectively ease out their passage.

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