Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Honey Bees From Home

Honey bees are cute and beautiful when they are buzzing around and sucking honey. But, when these little insects start building up their combs near to your living premises, it can be something more towards scary.In some parts of the world, or according to some people, bee hives in homes are considered to be lucky. When a bee flies into a house, it means it is bringing some real good news or wealth.

Even though all these superstitious beliefs prevail, most of us try to get rid of honey bees when they are a threat to our normal living. It is a risk for small children and those with allergic tendencies to stings. Bees play a pivotal role in the eco-system and it is better not to kill them. Unlike rats and mosquitoes, bees are less destructive.But removing bee hives is a hard thing. Before starting to remove, you must make sure you do enough research on the safety measures you must take while driving out bees. It is recommended to wear bulky protective clothing and mask while you try to remove or destroy the bee hives.Here are some natural ways to get rid of honey bees from home.

Natural ways to get rid of honey bees from home are:

1.Soapy Water: Soapy water is an effective home remedy you can use in getting rid of the honey bees. Take one part of liquid soap and 4 parts of water and mix it well. Pour this mixture into a garden spray bottle. It is advised to cover your body with clothes before spraying it on the bee hive.

2.Vinegar: Another best remedy to get rid of honey bees is to spray vinegar into the bee hive. Add one tablespoon of vinegar with quarter water and pour into a spray bottle. Then spray it into the bee hive. This technique will make them immobilize and they will be suffocated by the smell.

3.Mothballs: Mothballs are effective alternatives to get rid of the honey bees without calling an expert. Best way to use mothballs is to hang it near to the bee hive in your home. Just put the mothballs inside a sock or an old nylon cloth and hang it near the hive.

4.Soda Pop: Only thing you need is a soda bottle and sweet soda like mountain dew or sprite. First break an old soda bottle into half. Then, fill it with the sweet soda and keep it near the car porch or in the garden. The scent of the sweet soda will attract the bees and it will be drowned into the solution.

5.Zapper: It is an electronic device used to kill insects. It is easily available in supermarkets and even in groceries. All you have to do is to buy one and keep it near the hive. The bees will get held on to the sticky material and will be unable to fly.

6.Garlic Powder: As mentioned earlier, bees are attracted to the scents. They get repulsed to pungent smells. Garlic powder is the best way to get rid of honey bees. Just put some garlic powder near the bee hives. They will not be able to come near the hive because of the pungent odour and may change their colony from your home.

These are the natural ways to get rid of honey bees from home.

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