Natural Remedies To Treat Itchiness During Pregnancy

Belly or abdominal itching is very common during pregnancy. It is a much annoying condition and you may wonder what causes it. There can be many reasons of belly itching during pregnancy. The increase in estrogen levels can cause itchiness on the belly and other parts of the body as well.During advanced pregnancy, the skin of your belly expands and becomes dry. This is also one of the reasons of belly itching during pregnancy. To accommodate the growing baby inside the uterus., the pelvic region expands and this may also cause abdominal itching during pregnancy.

To get relief from an itchy belly during pregnancy, you can’t use medicated creams, as they can be very harmful for your baby. Home remedies are the best and safest treatments when it comes to treating an itchy belly during pregnancy.Here are some home remedies to treat itchiness suring pregnancy.

Home remedies to treat itchiness during pregnancy are:

1.Oatmeal Bath: Soak a cup of oatmeal in a bucket of lukewarm water and have a bath in it. You can also soak your body in a bathtub containing oats water. This will give you much relief from an itchy belly during pregnancy.

2.Baking Soda Paste: Make a paste of one teaspoon of baking soda with few drops of water. Apply the paste on to your itching belly. It will soothe your belly and relieve itching. Wash off the paste once it has dried.

3.Avoid Hot Water: Hot water not only causes itching but can also be very harmful for your baby. It causes dry skin and consequent itching. Always bath in lukewarm water, which will not deprive your skin of the natural oils.

4.Apply A Mild Moisturizer: Stay away from medicated creams and lotions to treat itchiness, as the content present in them may harm your baby by crossing the skin of the belly and then entering your baby’s blood. Apply a mild natural moisturiser on your belly after having a bath.

5.Coconut Oil: Apply coconut oil on your itchy belly to relieve itching during pregnancy. It is safe to be used during pregnancy and nourishes your skin effectively. It moisturises the skin of your belly, and thus relieves itching.

6.Use Mild Soaps: Avoid using harsh soaps while bathing, as they may cause drying of the skin and itching. You can use a baby soap or a mild shower gel, which is more gentle on your skin. The oil present in the gels can help reduce itchy belly.

7.Wear Loose Clothes: Wear loose fitted and cotton clothes that gives you much relief from itching. Tight-fitting clothes cause friction with your belly and thus result in itching. Avoid synthetic clothes as well, which may trap heat inside the skin and result in itching.

These are the home remedies to treat itchiness during pregnancy.

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