Natural Herbs To Treat Diabetes

Natural herbs are found to be effective in treating diabetes


Chamomile is known for its relaxing benefits. There are a lot of studies which show that this herb prevents the progression of diabetes and hyperglycemia.


Tulsi leaves are known to be packed with anti-oxidants. It contains essential oil which encourages the pancreatic beta cells to produce insulin and increase its sensitivity.

Aloe vera

This amazing gel is known to contain phytosterol compounds which inhibit insulin insensitivity and reduce blood glucose. It also promotes faster healing of wounds, which normally take longer time to heal in diabetics.


This spice is used extensively in Indian kitchen and has numerous health benefits. It is known to reduce fasting blood sugar and the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.


Fenugreek is known to contain 4- hydroxyisoleucine, a compound which is known to secret insulin and reduce its insensivity. Seeds of fenugreek soaked in water and consumed first thing in the morning are known to be helpful for diabetes.

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