N Korea’s rocket test shows ‘meaningful progress’: Seoul

North Korea’s latest rocket engine test showed ‘meaningful progress’ in its missile capabilities, Seoul said, as the nuclear-armed state steps up its controversial weapons development programmes.

The North’s leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw the ‘successful’ test of the powerful new rocket engine, state media said on Sunday, in a move apparently timed to coincide with a trip to Asia by new U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

It was the latest in a series of moves by Pyongyang, which have recently included the firing of four missiles to its east in what it described as practice for an attack on U.S army bases in Japan.

“The latest test is believed to have made some meaningful progress in engine functions,” Seoul’s Defence Ministry spokesman told.

“But we need more analysis on its exact propulsive power and applicable use”, said Lee Jin-Woo.


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