Mosaic Tile Design Ideas For Spring Summer

Flooring and walls play a very important role when it comes to interior decoration and design trends. Mosaic is one of type of a design for walls and flooring that has existed from centuries. Tile mosaic among the mosaic designs is beautiful for home and can be easily made. Small pieces of colorful tiles are applied in any pattern and design of choice. These tile patterns can be glued to flat surfaces of wood, stone or concrete.Here are some mosaic tile design ideas for spring summer.

Mosaic tile design ideas for spring summer are:

1.Clean the wall surface you want the design on.

2.Trace or draw a design of choice on a flat surface.

3.Buy colorful tiles depending on the color combination of the pattern or design you have drawn. (Eg For water design choose shades of blue tiles). Also buy a tile cutter and tile adhesive from the store.

4.Cut the tiles randomly and glue the pieces on the pattern (like a collage). Allow it to dry as per the manufacturer”s instructions.

5.Now fill the spaces between tiles well with a prepared grout without applying on tiles. (If it spreads on tiles wipe it immediately with paper towels or wet sponge). Allow the grout to dry as per the directions. Your mosaic tile design is now ready and doesn”t need much maintenance.

These are the mosaic tile design ideas for spring summer.

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