Mercedes-Benz Unveils Electric eTruck


Mercedes-Benz had already shown the concept earlier in July 2016 but it wore a camouflage which was difficult to see through and of course, we had no idea what the eTruck would actually look like. What we knew back then was that it was green; extremely green.

Mercedes-Benz shows that the future of short-haul commercial vehicles is well, for want of words, green.

Let’s start with the range then and this electric delivery truck packs in a range of 200 kilometre range in standard trim on a single charge and this is all thanks to the big capacity 212 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. Mercedes-Benz will premiere this vehicle for the future at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany.

The eTruck comes with a pair of electric motors that are adjacent to the wheel hubs. They produce a total, combined output of 335hp while the pulling power stands at 1,000Nm and according to the folks at Mercedes-Benz, this is immediately available to the driver. Mercedes imagines the truck with a modular battery pack that companies could tailor to their needs. A business would be able to order a smaller battery for shorter delivery routes, or there would be room on the truck to install a second one for added range.

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Concept Front

One look at the Urban eTruck’s design and you know that Mercedes-Benz has followed the same route as the Vision Van concept. The gentle curves and the rounded shape are quite a world apart from the usual and traditional angular models. The narrow slits for the headlamps and the stalk-mounted cameras give it a unique design up front. What is also interesting is that the designers have added a front grille, which you would imagine would not be needed because there’s no need to cool an engine. The designers have placed a bank of customizable LEDs inside of it which actually gives it a unique touch especially at night.

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Concept LEDs At Night

While the exterior spells futuristic, the cabin isn’t any different. There’s a mix of old and new but Mercedes-Benz has certainly gone the digital way with the additions of a 12.3-inch screen which provides information like navigation directions, vehicle speed, and the battery’s level of charge. There’s also a separate tablet gives the driver information about the delivery route.

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Cabin

Mercedes thinks the tech could be production-ready by the beginning of the next decade.


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