Lunch Time Foods That May Cause Stomach Gas

Healthy lunch helps to re-energise your body and raise the blood sugar level.However, most of us end up in getting gas, inspite of having lunch at the right time. It can be distracting, embarassing and the consequences can adversely affect our productivity.There could be various reasons for getting stomach gas after lunch. One of the most common and ignored triggers are the foods that you consume in lunch.

If you’ve been experiencing excessive gas after lunch, you might want to consider a change in your diet.It is highly common for people to develop gas after lunch. If even after changing your diet, you still experience the same, then there could be an underlying cause for it. In that case, we suggest you to consult with a health professional.Here are some lunch foods that may cause stomach gas.

Lunch time foods that may cause stomach gas are:

1.Beans: Beans are healthy and yum. But they contain oligosaccharides, a type of sugar molecule that is hard to digest. These sugar molecules can be broken down by soaking the beans overnight. But if you’re running short on time and haven’t been able to soak them overnight, then you can skip beans for lunch.

2.Peas: Like beans, peas are also rich in indigestible oligosaccharides and fibre that are known to trigger excessive gas. Exclude them from your lunch and you might end up in saving yourself from a great deal of discomfort caused by gas.

3.Cabbage: This is another gas-forming food. While, it is a very nutritious vegetable, it is known to trigger excessive gas in many if consumed in lunch.

4.Wheat: Wheat contains a protein known as gluten. Many people are known to be allergic to it. It could be a reason that after lunch you’ve been experiencing gas due to this food, hence it is best to avoid it during lunch.

5.Potatoes: Potatoes are everyone’s favourite. However, they contain starch, which is known to produce excessive gas in the stomach. Ideally, it is best to avoid this food at lunch if you have a lot of work to be done for the rest of the day to avoid discomfort.

These are the lunch time foods that may cause stomach gas.

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