Love Overcomes Disabilities

It is a general human tendency to try to appear attractive in front of the people you are fond of. This is all the way truer if the person concerned is someone you love and in turn wants to be loved by the same person.

It is at this point that all your flaws start staring at you on the face and you end up feeling more and more insecure about the same. Flaws which did not feel like one would suddenly appear to be massive and you will end up wondering how you are going to spend the rest of your life with it.

Now, this problem becomes all the way more grave when you have been inflicted with some physical disabilities. Since childhood, you and your near and dear ones put in the best of efforts to make sure that the disability does not come in the way of your success.

Then, comes a point when you fall in love with a person and that is when you fear that this time your disability will hinder your road to happiness. However, if the love is real, all of this will become secondary and the other person will be able to see through all your shortcomings and still continue to love you.

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