Know These Worst HR Policies In The World

HR policies make or break an employee’s attitude towards work. Human resource policies are irreplaceable and are very important for a company’s growth. So if you do not care for it, then your company will never grow. But some organisations forget this thumb rule.Here are some worst HR policies in the world.

Worst HR policies in the world are:

1.Water Rations: We are not talking about an army that is on field that needs to ration the meager supplies of water. Some massive profit making multinational companies do this. When the work pressure is really bad and a project needs to be released, they ration water to the team. It is not due to the scarcity of funds but, to limit pee breaks from work! You get limited water to drink, so you cannot cheat on work with the excuse of toilet breaks.

2.Proof Of Bereavement: A bereavement leave is the one you take when your close family member or a friend passes away. Some companies have a rule that you have to give a ‘proof of bereavement’ for being granted leave. That means you need to produce a copy of the death certificate or funeral details to prove that your near and dear ones are dead. Strictly speaking, this is unprofessional and illogical. If you do not trust your employee then you are degrading him/her. You are also questioning the employee’s loyalty towards the company.

3.Not More Than One Cup Please: Water and some basic beverages are usually served by the company free of cost to the employees. But, the cheap HR policies in some organisations limit the number of servings. Some companies even stoop to serve coffee or tea in a tray instead of keeping a coffee machine! Obviously, the employees will hate their jobs in such places.

4.No Reference For Quitters: When you resign from any company, you are supposed to get an experience letter. This experience letter or job reference as they call, is a proof to show that you have worked in this organisation. You are expected to show it while trying for other companies. Some offices withhold this job reference letter to punish the employee for quitting. It is totally not only unethical, but also illegal.

5.No Jobs For Married Women: Few companies have a gender discriminative HR policy. They refuse to hire married or committed women. Their excuse for doing so is that, the company is not in a position to give maternity leaves. Equal pay for equal work is our constitutional policy. That makes such policies totally unethical.

These are the worst HR policies in the world.

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