Know These Women Defence Tips To Keep Them Safe


In our society, no woman seems to be safe anywhere. There are some women who have taken a keen interest to protecting themselves from predators like aggressive men who thrive in our society.By being aware of these self defense tricks, any woman will be alert and safe in her own skin to protect herself. Everyday, if you open a daily newspaper or catch a glimpse of a news channel you would come across a lot of women who have reported to be raped or threatened for life. There are women who have lost their lives too since they had no idea how to defend themselves when attacked.

Therefore, we these women defense tricks, you will now live in a thought of being safe and against all harm that comes to you.Here are some defence tips for women to keep them safe.

Women defence tips to keep them safe are:

1.The first step to get out of trouble when you are in danger is to calm your mind and think of what you can do to get away. There are a lot of women who panic when attacked, which is only normal. But, if you want to defend yourself you need to think and act fast.

2.One of the ways in which a woman can defend herself is to learn her environment. If you are alone , get to know your environment. Be alert and make sure that you are in a crowd of people when you are alone.

3.Each woman should keep in mind that when she is faced with an attacker is to scream for help. By doing so, you will get the attention of the public who will come to your aid. This is one of the ways in which a woman can defend herself in trouble.

4.With all the attacks on women. It is very essential for women to learn one art of self defence. It can either be kung fu or karate.

5.Carry an instrument. A woman can defend herself with a can of pepper spray or a bottle of deodorant. All you have to do is spray it in the assailant’s eyes when being attacked. This will knock out the assailant out for a couple of minutes giving you time to escape.

6.Another way of how women can defend themselves is by growing their nails. It is believed that a woman has the ability to claw the eyes out of her attacker when attacked.

7.When a woman is being attacked she needs to do everything in her will to get aggressive and physically attack the assailant in every way possible. Kneading him in the groin and or behind the neck will bring him down to his knees lying in pain.

8.Big bags do come in handy. If you have a big bag filled with loads of things you can use it as a shield. The best way for a woman to defend herself when attacked it to hit her attacker using her bag.

These are the women defence tips to keep them safe.

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